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Insurance Request FAQs

We need your help to update our insurance records, so that we can confirm you have the proper coverage that meets the requirements of your loan. It may be that we have outdated or incorrect insurance information. Or, it may be that we did not receive the information that your policy has been renewed. All of this information, as well as instructions on how to fix the issue(s), will be available to you once you enter your IVR/Reference # and zip code into the appropriate fields on the home page.

Your IVR/Reference # is a unique identifying number we’ve assigned to you that does not include any other proprietary information about you. It is not your loan or account number, but rather a random number we gave you so that we can associate you to your insurance information. Your IVR/Reference # can be found on the letter you recently received that indicated we needed more information from you about your insurance policy, which also contained the address to this website.

If we don’t have record of you having adequate insurance coverage as required by your loan terms, we will have to take steps to place additional coverage on your behalf, at your expense. These insurance requirements are driven by regulatory and other lender terms (as agreed upon in the loan), and they are in place to protect all parties involved.

We are the insurance verification service and site for your lender. All information and processes on this site are intended for this specific purpose, and no other. We do not share your information with any other companies, and we do not use your information for marketing or promotional purposes. We monitor your insurance coverages, and under certain circumstances we may provide additional insurance to protect your loan’s collateral (if you are unable to satisfy the insurance requirements on your loan).

Once you have your policy documentation in-hand and ready to upload (or photograph using your mobile device), the entire process should take you less than five minutes.

We take many precautions to protect client data on this secure website. We don’t need any information beyond your proof of insurance. We will never ask you for personally identifying information such as your Social Security number, birthday, bank account or credit card number. Your email address will never be sold, shared or used for any other purpose beyond verifying you have adequate insurance coverage.

It's quite possible we already have what we need. If you’ve recently provided this information to us, please allow up to seven business days from the date you gave it to us for it to be reflected in our system.


Upload FAQs

If you’re able to upload multiple pages of the policy easily, please do so. If you’re having issues either scanning or photographing multiple pages, we only need the critical policy information about the insurance coverage(s) and terms, from either the “Declaration Page” or “New Business Document” of your policy. When in doubt, send more and we'll take care of the rest.

You’re welcome to come back to this site as often as you like to make sure we’ve received your information and updated our records, and that you have no other issues we need you to correct. Once you upload your documents, it may take up to seven business days for the updated information to appear in our system. After you enter your IVR/Reference # and mailing zip code on the home page, your policy status will say “ACTIVE” if it’s in good standing and all of your insurance requirements have been satisfied. Any statuses other than “ACTIVE” are followed by specific instructions on how to correct the issues.

Yes, you can upload policy document files directly from your phone, or you can use your phone to take pictures of the documents and upload them by following the instructions that appear in the “Upload Proof of Insurance Here” box on this site.